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Okra flower and pod

ladiesfinger or bhindi or okra flower and pod

Now the okra planted in my balcony has started flowering and producing pods as well. This is very good.

Let my experience be a lesson. Never plant fewer than a dozen plants when you grow bhindi by whatever name. Also known as ladiesfinger and okra.

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  1. […] Plants grow best when their roots have adequate space. However, when you don’t have a lot of space, it can get tricky to provide plants all the space they need. I have found that this is possible to manage with careful timing and a little extra effort by potting up plants as they grow instead of directly planting them in large pots. This works very well with plants like tomatoes and capsicum, less well with fast growing plants like cucumber. Keeping the smaller pots off the floor allows me to use the space on the floor for the big containers for cucumbers, tomatoes, sweetcorn, okra… […]

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