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Growing vertically in the balconies

vertical garden varieties

Here are some of my best tips for growing max vegetables in small balcony space and such. Go vertical If horizontal space is limited, don’t just think of how much you can put on the floor. Look up the walls, up grills. Think vertical. There are many possibilities. This photo below shows three different vertical […]

Okra flower and pod

Okra flower and pod

Now the okra planted in my balcony has started flowering and producing pods as well. This is very good. Let my experience be a lesson. Never plant fewer than a dozen plants when you grow bhindi by whatever name. Also known as ladiesfinger and okra.

First flowers in my balcony

Small potted lemon tree flowering

The rewards of my labour of love. The lemon tree and rajma are flowering. If you go really close, there buds have a wonderful citrus fragrance. Can’t wait for them to flower so that the scent can waft through the home with the breeze. The lemon plant had been doing rather poorly on arrival. It […]

Starting my window ledge garden

Starting my window ledge garden 4

Second day in this home, the first day waking up here and the amazing energy to do something beautiful continues, so today, I spent some time planting the beginnings of my window ledge garden. I got some seedlings, seeds, pots and lots of old home delivery plastic boxes I’d been saving. Nisarga is in diapers […]