What does it take to start making handmade soaps?

People often ask me for advice on gettting started making handmade soaps. Collecting some common questions and answers here. Where to get ingredients? The short answer is online. Any of the Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay type places will usually have everything you need to get started making soaps. This should be adequate if you are just […]

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Nepenthes Viking x hamata pitcher

Nepenthes mirabilis var globosa (Nepenthes viking) x Nepenthes hamata photos

Took some nice photos of the latest pitcher on my nepenthes mirabilis var globosa x hamata and thought to share them here. This plant is still juvenile and has just started producing slightly bigger pitchers. The adult pitchers should be really stunning if these are anything to go by. The ribbed peristomes come from the […]

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rescued nepenthes plants

Where to find sphagnum moss and other carnivorous plant growing supplies in India?

Almost half the people who buy plants from me or discuss carnivorous plants end up asking where to buy sphagnum moss or other supplies necessary for growing carnivorous plants in India. Since I repeat this information often, I thought I’d put up a list of where I buy things from. Please note, any links to […]

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Growlist drosera

Here are the species from the drosera genus that I am currently growing: I’ll be adding photos here as well as creating more individual descriptive pages as I get time. drosera species drosera magnifica drosera indica drosera alicae aka drosera curviscapa drosera binata dichotoma giant drosera binata multifida drosera burmanii drosera peltata drosera andromeda drosera […]

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No longer selling soaps or carnivorous plants because of GST

Update: The government has now allowed online sellers the same exemption from having to register for GST as regular sellers. So I am once more selling soaps and carnivorous plants.   This blog is basically about the stuff I am up to at home. When I make artistic soaps because I enjoy making them, I […]

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vertical garden varieties

Growing vertically in the balconies

Here are some of my best tips for growing max vegetables in small balcony space and such. Go vertical If horizontal space is limited, don’t just think of how much you can put on the floor. Look up the walls, up grills. Think vertical. There are many possibilities. This photo below shows three different vertical […]

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