Terms of sale

I am not an experienced business woman. I am a geek with an interest in making soaps, who started selling because no sane person can use so much soap and well, I’m usually broke. I make soaps at home with the best ingredients I can find. I cut them myself, pack them myself, take them to the post office on a bicycle myself. In other words, this is a totally home based business.

There are several unexpected side effects of this. The soaps being cut by hand, may have variations in size and weight. This will be noticeable to someone who buys several bars of the same kind of soap. I may invest in better cutting equipment eventually, but right now I have not done it. There are also variations in how different types of soaps are cut. These are not errors, the soaps are cut to different sizes/shapes based on what I think will suit that soap the best.

I do not use branded packaging. I ship the soaps in boxes of other products that would otherwise be recycled (I have a local electrical equipment shop that I pick empty boxes from). I don’t think this will change even if the business grows. I don’t see the point in killing more trees just to get the soaps from point A to point B with my name on them.

I do not wrap soap completely. They will at most have a strip of paper wrapped around them. This may seem odd to those used to purchasing completely covered (indeed, in two layers) bars of plain soap from shops. Let’s just say this soap doesn’t need to be hidden 😉

The soap will be fine kept uncovered at your home as well. Just don’t keep it in direct sunlight – that could cause scents/colors to fade.

There isn’t a refund policy as such. If you have reasonable cause to believe you deserve a refund due to shortcoming on my end, do contact and we can discuss it. This will not be considered for any issues you have with a lack of packaging – read above. That is intentional and stated upfront.