Marginally Human - Outliers in a post-dystopian utopia 2

Marginally Human – Outliers in a post-dystopian utopia

In the year 2442, Aaxyl and Aameh live in the welfare dormitories of a dome and consider themselves sisters: AxAm. All Aaxyl wants is for them to be safe and live independent of welfare. When Aameh connects an analytical report of missing persons in the dome with comatose immortals in the Null Dorms, her investigation triggers a cascade of threats.

As Aameh tries to solve the mystery and Aaxyl fights to keep her safe, they are forced to leave the Dorms. They find love and allies. They enter a world of rare abilities and technological advances. With both friends and foe wielding more money, political power and extraordinary abilities than them, they must rescue an important founder of the modern world from horrifying imprisonment and bring The Whisperer to justice.

The story explores themes of social inequality, the nature of power, unorthodox relationships and extends existing science with new theories and technologies to portray an advanced reality.

The book attempts to avoid contemporary socio-political triggers and defines new faultlines and politics to bypass biases and invite contemplation of being human.

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