Oxyopes salticus spider on okra leaf 2

Oxyopes salticus spider on okra leaf

I saw this little oxyopes salticus spider on an okra leaf last week. It seems to have made the plant its home, living on the top leaves.

It does not seem to have a web and lives on the leaves ambushing any insect coming too close, I presume. It has a small orange body with black stripes and long spindly legs with bristles on them. From some angle the legs really look more like a miniature thorny walking bush than creature.

It is quite timid and does not appreciate me getting close with a macro lens. It flees almost instantly and seems to run or jump quite far, very, very fast, though normally it is content to laze on the leafs.

Oxyopes salticus spider on okra leaf. Photo by Vidyut

I will add more photos here when it sees fit to return from wherever it fled.

These photos are from a xiaomi redimi 2 plus using a small macro lens.

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