Nepenthes Viking x hamata pitcher

Nepenthes mirabilis var globosa (Nepenthes viking) x Nepenthes hamata photos

Took some nice photos of the latest pitcher on my nepenthes mirabilis var globosa x hamata and thought to share them here. This plant is still juvenile and has just started producing slightly bigger pitchers. The adult pitchers should be really stunning if these are anything to go by.

The ribbed peristomes come from the nepenthes hamata parent. Nepenthes hamata will not grow in my climate (hot) as it requires low temperatures at night, so I am quite excited to imagine that its signature trait may still be present in a plant that grows here.

The peristome gets really dark brown as the pitcher matures. Very hamata. I forgot to take pictures. I’ll add them here soon. Waiting for a bigger pitcher.

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