Small potted lemon tree flowering

First flowers in my balcony

The rewards of my labour of love. The lemon tree and rajma are flowering.

Small potted lemon tree flowering

If you go really close, there buds have a wonderful citrus fragrance. Can’t wait for them to flower so that the scent can waft through the home with the breeze.

The lemon plant had been doing rather poorly on arrival. It arrived in good shape, but lost the lemon it had growing in travel. Then it started losing leaves. Then there was trouble with root rot. All through this time and till I had all that sorted, the leaves were dropping steadily till only a dozen or two remained. Frankly, I’d given up on the plant surviving, when it suddenly shed almost all its remaining leaves over a day or two and rapidly started putting out new foliage and buds. The new leaves are almost the size of the old ones now, and there are ten or so buds showing. Amazing.

The rajma is flowering as well. It has been growing so well, that it is on my “grow again” list as soon as I’m done with the plants I have started now.

Container grown rajma flowering

Given the trouble I had with inadequate drainage and fungal gnats, I’m quite astonished that these two plants are doing so well. I’d thought I’d got an evil black thumb.

The brahmi plant has one small purple flower as well, but it is sort of underneath the leaves, and I’m trying to figure out how to get a good photo. I’m not particularly interested in the Brahmi flowering for now, as I was hoping to eat the leaves and I’m not sure how good the taste is when it flowers…

Maybe they are very forgiving..

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