Home, sweet new home

After several false starts, I now finally have a new home to move into. The agreement is done, I have the key and I went there for the first time today and I …. wept.

For the first time in my life I have my own home where no one is doing me a favor by letting me stay.

I had not realized till that moment just how much it meant to me to be able to count on having a roof over my head without having to suffer unkindness in order to have a home. Perhaps this marriage has warped me far more than even I realize.

It isn’t the dream home I had blogged about with the one bedroom, hall and kitchen with stunning view of the stream. It is in the same building, but only a room and kitchen. Studio apartment, I believe it is called, when it is in a building (as opposed to “chawl”).

Still, there is a huge window, albeit with a construction going on outside it. But the road is dirt and has next to no traffic, which can only be a plus. It is what was available. I am hoping to keep an eye and move into one with a bedroom in the same building when the opportunity presents. Two bedrooms if need be.

I stood in that empty home waiting for me to make it mine, and already I was dreaming of plants in that strip of a balcony, a happy Nisarga, how my belongings would fit there…

It wasn’t without challenges. I went over with some of my stuff in two bags and a few parcels on my bicycle. I didn’t have the key or the agreement. I went over to the agent who was to give me the agreement, his shop was closed. Cycling awkwardly I reached my new home, only for the phone of the woman who had the key to not work. So I had to go to her home on the fourth floor in another wing with all my luggage.

The lift wasn’t working without electricity, so I walked up with the whole stuff. Her doorbell wasn’t ringing, so I knocked… and knocked …. and knocked. I had no idea what I’d do if she wasn’t there. Go home after lugging the luggage all over the place and up and down stairs? No….

Just as I was about to give up, she opened the door. She had been sleeping in an inner room, and hadn’t heard me. Down I trudged with the key clutched in my hand. Up three floors in my wing and there…. home, sweet home.

Most of my belongings here are packed and ready to go. Tomorrow I’ll hunt down a suitable tempo carrier. Mom is coming over too. I need to book gas, internet. After living in a vacant limbo, it seems life seems to have become vibrant. So much to do. So much to dream.

Looking forward to a home my child and I can thrive in. Dreaming of saving up and buying land to build a home in eventually. So many dreams all of a sudden. Feels strange.

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