Unboxing nepenthes ampullaria

Nepenthes Ampullaria pitcher plants

My Nepenthes Ampullaria pitcher plants arrived today. These are seed grown plants. And there were surprises. Some good, some… not. The two plants I purchased arrived somewhat haphazardly packed. But there were lots of pitchers. Someone had put in a lot of effort and time growing them from seed. There were loads of extra plantlets. […]

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Some notes on cold process soap making and some effects

I have learned a lot from videos, articles, tools and tutorials online, when it comes to soap making. Thought I’d pay it forward with some of my own learnings. Please note, this has nothing to do with “how to make soap” type introductory tutorials. This will be useful to you only if you already know how […]

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trick soap

Introducing the Jumla soap

What started off as a joke seems to have taken on a life of its own, due to… circumstances. Introducing Jumla soaps. A “jumla” is colloquial slang for “tactic”. The term, popularized by the President of the prominent political party in India has come to mean an attractive offer that lacks substance. Well, it is […]

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Okra flower and pod

Now the okra planted in my balcony has started flowering and producing pods as well. This is very good. Let my experience be a lesson. Never plant fewer than a dozen plants when you grow bhindi by whatever name. Also known as ladiesfinger and okra.

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Update after a long time

For all my good intentions, this blog got ignored. Much has happened since. My father had an accident and my parents have moved  in with me as they no longer can manage independently. My one room and kitchen was not enough space and we moved into a two bedroom apartment  in same complex. Similar feel, […]

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Drosera seeds germinating

Adding to my carnivorous plants collection are the germinating drosera seeds. They are too tiny to see with the naked eye, but magnified, you can see the tiny green sprouts. I have these growing on wet dry sphagnum (as in dry sphagnum with water added :p) in small plastic cups, so the light gets reflected […]

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Small potted lemon tree flowering

First flowers in my balcony

The rewards of my labour of love. The lemon tree and rajma are flowering. If you go really close, there buds have a wonderful citrus fragrance. Can’t wait for them to flower so that the scent can waft through the home with the breeze. The lemon plant had been doing rather poorly on arrival. It […]

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Due to this being a small hobbyist one mom show, and the post office being far from home, orders are shipped only once or twice a month. Expect a waiting time. Dismiss