Here are the species from the drosera genus that I am currently growing:

I’ll be adding photos here as well as creating more individual descriptive pages as I get time.

drosera species

  1. drosera magnifica
  2. drosera indica
  3. drosera alicae aka drosera curviscapa
  4. drosera binata dichotoma giant
  5. drosera binata multifida
  6. drosera burmanii
  7. drosera peltata
  8. drosera andromeda
  9. drosera adelae
  10. drosera prolifera
  11. drosera filiformis
  12. drosera magnifica
  13. drosera regia (probably dead/dormant)
  14. drosera capensis red
  15. drosera capensis white
  16. drosera capensis broad leaf
  17. drosera capensis random
  18. drosera spatulata