The White Rose



The White Rose is named after the underground non-violent intellectual resistance led by students at the University of Munich that flickered briefly against the burgeoning might of Nazi Germany, only for it to be crushed and its leaders killed or imprisoned. The group called for public resistance against the oppression and mass murders by the Nazi regime through anonymous leaflets and graffiti. Between June 1942 and February 1943, siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, along with other University students, distributed as many as 15,000 copies of a series of six leaflets which denounced the State’s oppression and crimes and called for resistance. The cost of dissent was high: the core group and key supporters were arrested and/or executed. They had been supported financially by the Stuttgart-based auditor Eugen Grimminger, who was also jailed for treason and whose wife – a Jewish woman – exterminated in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

But ideas are immortal; they remain a reminder of history, as an unsuppressable truth that whenever power takes on absolutely brutal forms, there will be people speaking truth to power. And there continue to be many such individuals in the world. Speaking inconvenient truths when silence is the easier, safer option. Our existence as mostly free citizens owes them a debt of gratitude.

White Rose is an in memoriam – a tribute to ideas and actions of resistance, in the face of oppression, that should never be forgot.

The soap itself – outwardly – is entirely white, with a handcrafted rose on top, and each face of the soap having a different embellishment, symbolizing an inclusion of diversity. The monument-like exterior protects the dark secret – a skull encased in a transparent block of soap – that will be revealed as the soap is used. The soap is intended as a reminder of what ordinary humans are capable of, when they are determined to speak up against horrors and protect the vulnerable and the cost when they fail.

The fragrance used in the soap is predominantly rose, with subtle hints of musk and patchouli and even more subtle hints of jasmine.


The White Rose, Skull embed block


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