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I often make different soaps that don’t end up on the site. For gifting, for experimenting, for fun. Many of these I don’t have in enough quantities to list for sale on the site. You can now buy such soap by the kilo. You will get different kinds of soap. This is a good choice to get a good variety of different soaps for personal use or even gifting. However, this option currently doesn’t allow any control on which soaps you will get. It is entirely dependent on what I have available on hand. On my part, I’ll try to throw in a variety.

The soaps will not have labels, as they are made in too small batches to make it viable to design and print batches of labels. Therefore, if you have a need to know the ingredients of the soap you are using or have allergies to specific ingredients, this is not a good option for you. All my soap ingredients are checked against safety databases to ensure they are safe for the skin, health and environment. I don’t use potentially problematic ingredients in any of my soaps. So in general, there should not be an issue using these.

Weight 1000 g


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