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This soap has ingredients traditionally reputed for imrpoving skin health (that is why the “Sanskari” part). It has a high percentage of neem oil in it (soaps sold as neem can often contain between 2-3% to 20% – this one has a whopping 33% of neem oil in the base oils.)

A good way to use this soap would be to lather it on and wait briefly before rinsing it off. You canĀ feel this soap pamper your skin, both as a luxuriant lather as well as the after feel on the skin. Think matte, clean and moisturized.

Please note, the photo on display is of an old batch. The current avatar of this soap is cream and brown.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, neem, castor. Hydrolyzed silk, honey, french clays, kaolin clay, multani mitti, turmeric, rose fragrance oil. (Previous versions were scented with basil and patchouli)

Technique: cold process chaos (this soap accelerates very, very fast in the making and while the intended process was cold process with drop swirl and hangar swirls, the actual doing of it ended up more like a modified pot swirl with hangar swirl – this “chaos” is only cosmetic and the soap is excellent quality – I would unhesitatingly call it among my best ever, which is why the recipe being so hard to work with, still remains unchanged – it is worth it)

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