Limlet Zinger


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Basic good quality soap with no fancy formulation. The fun of this one is in its scent and look. A bright citrusy fragrance with hints of peppermint and colors that instantly remind you of cheap sugar candy. This soap takes you straight back to toffees and childhood. The actual colors of the soap are much brighter than it seems in the photo.

Please note, this soap is freshly made and while it is fully saponified, it is still soft and will finish fast if you use it immediately. Adding it now only on special request.

If you buy this soap before the 23rd of May, please remember to unpack it immediately on arrival and let it dry and harden for a couple of weeks before using. No special requirements, it can sit and look pretty and smell citrusy while doing it anywhere as long as it is out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients; coconut oil, palmolein, castor oil, soidum hydroxide, citrus fragrance oil, peppermint essential oil, mica colorants. Soap clay embeds.


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