Bagon mein bahar hai


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The new edition of the “bagon mein bahar hai” soap is bigger, brighter, bolder. An explosion of colors blooming and a scent to match. An abstract art type soap with the colors of a garden in bloom. For the more politically savvy, this soap is dedicated to the very superb Ravish Kumar in appreciation of his journalism that always puts public interest first. He had notoriously described the wilful blindness and denial because of political loyalties as “bagon mein bahar hai” (the gardens are in bloom – or, there are no problems, all is beautiful). Well, this soap is really fantastic.

Ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, almond oil, sodium hydroxide, water, hydrolyzed silk, rose dominated floral fragrance blend, mica colorants, titanium dioxide.

Technique: Cold process, drop swirl, hangar swirl.


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  1. G. R. Vora

    Best wishes to you, Vidyut ji.

  2. Hitendra Mudaliar

    Still having the products on sale


    So retro styled with beautiful fragrance..

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