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Different fern plants are available. These are very easy to grow as long as you keep them watered. They add a touch of greenery to a home, look gorgeous and require very little in terms of care. Keep them in a nice bright place – outside direct sunlight if it is blazing summer in India. These work well indoors too. Good if you are someone who believes they can only kill plants. These grow fast enough to feel rewarding, are relatively hard to kill (and will likely come back from the roots even if you succeed) and can create a sense of lush greenery with little effort.

Once they are growing well, you can also use leaves in flower arrangements or other decoration.

When you buy, the price is technically for one plant, but I’ll likely add a few extras. For now, no choosing varieties. I’ll send what is growing well and on hand. Maybe later I may add the possibility to order specific kinds of ferns.

Growing instructions: Stick them in soil and keep them wet. Mild fertilizer on occasion may keep them growing strong, but they should do fine otherwise too. Don’t fertilize till they are established in your location and growing strongly, even if you decide to fertilize them.

They may lose some leaves initially. This is due to the shock of changed location and drop in humidity after being closed for shipping for so long. You can avoid this by covering them partially with a plastic bag and reducing the cover gradually so they don’t experience sudden drying. Even if you don’t do this, any setbacks should be temporary. These guys should recover and resume growth readily.

Never ever put any plant in a plastic bag in direct sunlight. You will cook them dead or at least damage badly.


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