Pudina – peppermint rooted cuttings


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Nothing special about this. Regular mint – pudina used in teas and chutneys. I noticed it is hard to get in some garden centers for some inexplicable reason. I have plenty, so if you want to grow your own, here are a few rooted cuttings. Just plant them, keep them wet and in a shady spot and you’ll have all the fresh pudina you need indefinitely.

Pudina or peppermint is used in cooking, to make chutneys as well as tea. It contains menthol and has a cooling effect. It is also excellent for digestion.

The sprigs you get will already have formed roots, but really, this is no big deal. You can simply make pieces of the stem and push into the wet soil the plants are growing in to get more and more plants. The mint will also spread on its own, but cutting up the stems and pushing them into soil makes you get more plants faster, so that you can soon be harvesting a good number of leaves for consumption.

Right now I have plenty of pudina, but when I’m trying to grow the quantity I have, what I do is harvest more stems than I need for tea and cut them into a few inch long pieces and take out the bottom two leaves of each piece for the tea and push the cuttings into the soil to also grow more plants from the stems (which I don’t use anyway)

Frankly, you can also easily root mint you buy from the market, but if want plants and aren’t able to find them, here they are.


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