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Pinguicula Aphrodite is a cultivar developed by Jan Flisek and Kamil Pasek by crossing Pinguicula agnata and Pinguicula moctezumae. It has long leaves that taper to a point and is very easy to grow (as long as you have some growing skills) as long as basic precautions are taken.

Pinguicula Aphrodite 2Like most carnivorous plants, pinguicula too need potting medium that is free of nutrients and water with low TDS. Pinguicula don’t have a big root system, so they don’t need a very big pot. They do relatively well in low humidity and you can treat them like succulents for the most part. Growing medium can be anything from live or dead sphagnum to pure gravel and sand (be sure to rinse thoroughly with reverse osmosis water, rainwater or distilled water (or other low TDS water).

Pinguicula aphrodite has a tendency to stay green due to its Pinguicula moctezumae parent. However, in cold weather, if given good bright light, it can turn shades of red. The leaves are 4-5 inches long and the flowers are purple.

Pinguicula ‘Aphrodite’, being a cultivar does not propagate true to form through seeds. While it flowers abundantly, I haven’t got viable seeds from pollinating the flowers, and you would need to cross the parents anyway. However, pinguicula Aphrodite propagates readily through leaf pullings. All you have to do is take a complete leaf, including the white area at the base, that is in good condition and place it on growing media (or on tissue paper in a plastic glass or bag). Within a week or two, you’ll see one or more small buds form at the base of the leaf. These buds will grow into plantlets.

Pinguicula Aphrodite 3The plants you get will be rooted plantlets and will be shipped bare root.

Instructions on how to grow and acclimatize newly arrived Pinguicula. Please read.


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