Nepenthes jamban x ? small seed grown plants


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This is a very small batch of plants grown from wild-collected N. jamban seeds. It is possible that some or all of these could turn out to be hybrids. It is not possible to verify the identity the male parent while they are this small (3-5 cm).

Nepenthes jamban is a highlander and as such, prefer cold nights. Adult pitchers of this plant are shaped like a “toilet bowl” which is what gives this species its name. These plants are well adapted to my climate here in Mumbai with pretty warm nights and growing well. However, it is important to remember that they will prefer cool weather. Acclimatization only improves their ability to adapt to adverse conditions. It doesn’t change the preferences of the plant. However, these plants are likely to do slightly better in warm weather than plants that have directly come from a cold climate.

I am not providing detailed explanations of the nepenthes species and juvenile plants and how long it takes to grow etc, because this is NOT a beginner’s plant. If this is your first time trying out a nepenthes, I would recommend beginning with easier plants.

If you buy this plant, I recommend a very well draining potting mix that allows you to water frequently with cool water in hot weather and a top layer of live sphagnum moss (not necessary, but nice for humidity). Net pots with a sphagnum-perlite mix can help keep the roots cool. Good humidity is important. Air conditioning at night could give the plants the cold temperatures they need to grow, but it may be better to add some source of humidity. If your weather is very hot, it may be advisable to grow these in bright shade rather than direct sunlight. Please do adequate research on the species in order to give your plants the best chance to thrive.

The photo on the listing is representative and I will add better photos of individual plants soon.


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