Drosera capillaris seeds – 20 seeds of pink sundew


Drosera burmanii, also known as the Burmese sundew, as a small, compact form of drosera that is an annual. It is naturally found in Indian habitats, however is at risk from environmental degradation. It is a beautiful and easy sundew to grow.

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Drosera capillaris or the pink sundew is a very small sundew and tends to grow in clusters. A single plant can flower and set seed profusely to give rise to a carpet of plants. Individual plants are small, approx 1 inch in size.


Drosera capillaris is a very easy plant to grow. They attract and trap prey just fine, but may struggle in low humidity or very hot or very cold weather.

This plant grows quite rapidly and will grow to flowering maturity within a 3-4 months if you give it nice bright light and a place where it can catch insects.

How to grow Drosera Capillaris

Sprinkle seeds on moist substrate. They don’t need any special treatment. You can use peat, cocopeat, sphagnum, live spaghnum, whatever mixed wth sand or perlite or thermacol balls if you wish – as long as it is low on nutrients. I have a few growing on rockwool too. The seeds are minute. They are like dust. 20 seeds is going to look like the packet has some dust inside – that too you will have to make an effort to spot. Therefore, be sure to switch fan off, work away from any source of drafts, keep a clean white paper underneath to spot any seeds that get away. This is absolutely essential, because if you lose a drosera burmanii seed on any regular surface, the chances are you won’t find it again. to sow, touch the seeds with a finger and rub fingertips gently on top of the substrate filled pot so that they fall onto it. try to keep the substrate as flat as possible before doing this to prevent seed falling into deep cracks. Keep the pot in a tray of water. DO NOT TOP WATER. Top watering will flush the minute seeds away.

I normally don’t cover the pots and let them just sprout up in regular growing conditions. I find I have far fewer problems with mold like this. You may choose to cover. Fresh seeds can take anywhere between a week or two to germinate if you keep the pot steadily moist always. within a month, you will have very tiny seedlings. Warning: Do not assume failure if you don’t have seedlings in two weeks. Any reason from temperature to the pot going dry could delay germination and I’d advise waiting at least a month or two before giving up on them if they don’t germinate soon.

I don’t bother to feed my plants. They trap insects just fine all the time.

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